• Offering both of hoisting and floating at the same time as well as no jumping phenomenon and adjustable Precise Positioning up to 400mm both for upward and downward.
  • High Speed of 1000mm/sec with adjustable Speed by Control Valve
  • Automatic Self-floating interlocked with Braking and lower Noise Level
  • Automatic weight sensor
  • Control by 5-10% force of weight
  • Fine control for precise work
  • Safety Feature by Overload Limit Device
  • No Lubrication is required
  • With test certificate from the manufacture


  • Can be operated continuing period and all day. No motor overheating.
  • Suit for assembly work and high precision work

Working diagram

Product detail

Model KAB-070 ZG KAB-070 ZW
KAB-100 ZG KAB-100 ZW
KAB-160 ZG KAB-160 ZW
Max, Load(kg)
60 60
100 100
153 153
Control System
Control by Grip Dual Control
Net Weight
25 33
45 53
42 50
Wide Use Line Wide Use Line