Air Rope hoist ‘TOKU’ Model TMM

Air Rope hoist ‘TOKU’ Model TMM

  • The control switch is on the lower hook. (Manipulator)
  • The pulley body is aluminum, lightweight, compact, durable, high efficiency.
  • Can control speed Low vibration, explosion proof because the pulley does not use electricity to work.
  • Has a test certificate from the manufacturer.


  • Suitable for lifting/moving objects that require continuous work for a long time. or throughout the day Because there is no electricity used.
  • There is no limit on the duration of use of the motor. Areas requiring explosion-proof equipment

Product detail

Item number Rated load
Standard lift
Wire Rope Lifting speed
Air Pressure
Air consumption (m/min) Net weight
Dai. (mm) No. of fall Lifting Lowering Lifting Lowering
TMM-140AE 0.14 2.0 4.0 1 11.0 18.0 4 - 6 0.63 0.65 10.0

*Control Type :

AE = Manipulator with Emer