Check and educate users of SKS conveyor equipment within various power plants.

HST International together with Showa Kikai Shoji (SKS) organized a business trip to inspect conveyors using SKS brand equipment at various power plants in Thailand. Ready to give advice and provide knowledge to users in various areas.

In the past, after meeting with users in various power plants in Thailand, we found the problem that after the Plant maker built the factory Install machinery and the various systems within the factory were completed. and delivered to the factory Users face the problem of lack of knowledge, understanding and methods of taking care of various machines. without being able to contact the designer of that system Make care and maintenance There have always been problems with doing it incorrectly or not up to the standards of the designers and manufacturers.

After the teams from HST International and Showa Kikai Shoji met and provided both theoretical and practical knowledge. Makes users relieve their worries and be more efficient in using or maintaining the conveyor system This will affect all Thai people who will be able to use light more efficiently.